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Stop The Water While Using Me! is the first cosmetic range with a clear environmental appeal to save water. Made from all natural ingredients with ecological benefits. Founded by Kaya-Line Knust in Hamburg, Germany in 2009.


Considering only 3% of the earths water is used for drinking water, and we only have access to 1/3 of that, BOLD organized a launch event with brand Stop the Water While Using Me! to remind people that there are alternative high end products out there that we can use on a daily basis. 

BOLD organized the launch event, in partnership with One Fine Stay, How You Glow, and Jessica Koslow of Sqirl, who put together a custom menu based on the ingredients of Stop The Water’s products. BOLD was also responsible for public relations in the US market as well as educating and pushing for a product that saves water at a critical time in Los Angeles’ history, as California has been experiencing a threatening drought.