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AG was launched in 2000 by Yul Ku, a pioneer in the denim industry. While their DNA is rooted in denim, AG's evolution from an exclusively premium denim brand to a contemporary lifestyle brand began in 2008, when they introduced sportswear for men and women.


AG Jeans released their new "full motion" denim line enabling those who wear the jeans to do anything they please from ballet to a 9-5 desk job. BOLD LA produced the campaign for the brand AG contour 360 denim line, managing creative direction and video production. We also organized and execution the photoshoot for AG’s lookbook.


BOLD came up with concepts and ideas which came to life in video form. Using ballet as the main idea, we were able to show how these jeans can be used for everything and they are not a normal everyday jean. 

BOLD LA positioned the jeans as a premium, sophisticated denim choice and created outstanding content that can be shared and talked about. The campaign was recognized as an editor’s pick on