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The 14th Factory is a collaboration between creative individuals from China, Hong Kong, the UK, and the US, to bring about an immersive and culturally layered art experience that acts as a vehicle for social impact.


The large-scale exhibition transformed an empty industrial warehouse in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, into a mythic universe through the creation of a monumental, multi-sensory, and cinematographic installation environment - one of the biggest independent art projects in the world in 2017.

BOLD is proud to be managing the social media channels for The 14th Factory, in addition to spearheading their community outreach strategy, to support the efforts of the exhibition and tie together the local and global communities surrounding it. The 14th Factory opened on March 11th, 2017 and was due to close at the end of April. Because of high demand, The 14th Factory has extended its run through July. 

Auretta at the 14th Factory
Opening Event
Legend Usher at The 14th Factory