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BMW Design Boost Talk by BOLD Munich
BOLD Munich created a 360 ° brand experience for BMW Design’s upcoming concept

For the first-ever presentation of the BMW Vision M Next, BOLD Munich invited media guests, influencers and team members from the BMW Design Team under the disguise of a talk to the BMWGroup’s advanced wind tunnel. Here, a prospective astronaut and a professor of psychology joined BMW designer Domagoj Dukec to discuss what it means to keep sight of future goals, what the psychological side of progress looks like, and how automotive design shapes these fascinating themes and makes technology come alive. Finally, the guests were surprised with the new BMW Vision M Next.

Inside the BMW Group’s advanced wind tunnel
Dr. Suzanna Randall, Prof. Hugo M. Kehr joined Domagoj Dukec, Head of Design BMW, for the BMW Design talk
First glimpse of the BMW Vision M Next

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