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Dandy Diner
BOLD handled guest-management and media-relations for Dandy Diner.

To celebrate the opening of the vegan fast-food spot Dandy Diner, created by the illustrious fashion bloggers of Dandy Diary, BOLD invited key media representatives and influencers for an exclusive look at the project.

In media dinners and public events, Dandy Diner was brought to light by BOLD and Dandy Diary founder Carl and Jacob. While the opening party had to be shut down a little early by the police due to overcrowding, guests enjoyed the vegan food and the eclectic atmosphere of the Dandy Diner.

BOLD communicated the idea and vision of Dandy Diner to relevant media both off- and online. In ongoing PR, the agency supports Dandy Diner and its masterminds throughout upcoming seasons.

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