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Marshall celebrates anniversary 60 years of loud
This year, BOLD LA is spearheading Marshall Headphone’s Never Stop Listening campaign to celebrate the brand's anniversary. For 60 years Marshall’s sound has rocked stages all over the world, so we expanded our marketing approach by partnering with a diverse catalog of talent ranging from singers, songwriters, dancers, music photographers and even rock bands.

To make space for these emerging creatives and amplify their voices, BOLD LA worked alongside Marshall's talent in the US, Germany, the UK, and Sweden to create meaningful content that uplifts and resonates with their audiences. Through this community of unbridled creativity, BOLD LA is highlighting Marshall’s heritage as the original Rock ‘N’ Roll brand, while also challenging the digital marketing status quo. Get inspired and never stop listening.

«Learning to Listen» - by Alexandra Stanič and Tonica Hunter

This discursive format brings sound and social commentary together. Alexandra Stanič is a Vienna based photographer and journalist. Her partner Tonica Hunter is a curator, culture producer and DJ. Tonica creates safe spaces for BIPoCs and queer people, she deconstructs internalized and institutionalized values that harm others while protecting the artists she works with.

Together they created an inspiring mini-video series, consisting of three episodes. The theme of each episode is introduced by an ‘impulse’ - music, literature, politics - which they break down and analyze together.
Listen to episode 1: Mental health, masculinity, and music

Listen to episode 2: Reflecting thoughts on love

On the road with Marshall

Indie artist Jelani Aryeh takes Marshall on tour

LA's emerging Indie artist, Kid Bloom, highlighted the unique Stack Mode, a feature of the new Emberton II portable speaker.

Tajzon dances with the Motif ANC through the streets of Los Angeles.

Krostofer Greczula is getting hyped for his show in Stockholm with the Emberton II

Empowering through skate

The female skate collective GIRLSWIRL, with chapters in Venice Beach, New York City, San Diego, Brazil and Paris, follows their mission of empowering through skate. The partnership is focused on Marshall’s portable speaker line and their organic integration into weekly group skates, where members get to experience the power of music, skate and community firsthand.

A day in the life of an artist

Shaquille Aaron Keith enjoys his studio session in London with the Emberton II and Bronx-based artist Monica Hernandez shows us how music helps her stay inspired at home and in the art studio.

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