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Royal Hawaiian Center launches new website
BOLD LA worked with the Royal Hawaiian Center to redesign a sleek new website that’s eye-catching and user friendly

In January of 2022 BOLD LA and Royal Hawaiian Center collaborated to relaunch the Royal Hawaiian Center website.  The goal was to create a personalized experience for consumers to feel connected to Hawaiian culture as well as the values of the Royal Hawaiian Center company.

The Royal Hawaiian Center is a world class shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural destination, located in Honolulu. They feature a variety of international brands as well as local Hawaiian boutiques, an array of cuisine, and cultural entertainment. Their goal is to provide shoppers with a premier shopping experience in Waikiki and they have been sharing the Hawaiian spirit with shoppers since their establishment in 1980. 

When the Royal Hawaiian Center met with BOLD LA, they were looking to elevate their current website and to provide a space that was accessible to their clientele across various digital platforms. BOLD LA was able to bring their vision to life by creating a modern and sophisticated interface that still maintained the company's culture and values.

Since the Royal Hawaiian Center is a business that appeals globally, it was vital that the website was translated to Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin for their various consumer segments. The website was also updated to integrate with the company’s social media photos and feed in real time so that they are cohesive.

The new website allows users to engage with the different brands and offerings that the Royal Hawaiian Center has to offer. 

BOLD uses an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that allows immediate updates as well for increased editing, design, and formatting capabilities.  When redesigning the website, it was important to BOLD LA that the website’s published content and design incorporated the Hawaiian sense of place and voice that paralleled the Royal Hawaiian Center’s Cultural Affairs Department.

An addition to the website that both Royal Hawaiian Center and BOLD LA wanted to incorporate was that the website be ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act).  Both companies wanted to ensure that people with disabilities were able to easily go through the website.

Royal Hawaiian Center invites you to discover our corner of paradise, nestled in the heart of Waikīkī on the iconic Kalākaua Avenue. Step into an elevated retail experience unlike any other in the world.

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